Ask the Girls – Episode 5: A Return

(Normally, I’d have some skit planned. But even though it’s a return, I got nothing. So instead, I have a small announcement. Editor Ink is now Editor Fusion, although I will still reply to Editor Ink. Hope you guys enjoy the return of the ATG! -EF)

Ethan to Mia: “The ATG will probably stay on hiatus ’till early 2020” Real nice. In all seriousness though, welcome back.

Mia: Ethan, shush. I couldn’t do without this any longer.

Miriam: It’s like you’re addicted to it.

Mia: No. NecroDancer and Danganronpa RPs, maybe, but not this.

Ethan to all: Enjoy this massive truckload of Qs I devoted to involving every single character.

Mia: Looking forward to it.

(EDIT: You missed Amber and Quincy. Double-check next time mydude. -EF)

Arleen to the new characters: Dang, lot’s of new faces here. Welcome to all y’all!

Kya: Thanks.

Fuse: Yeah, thanks.

P!J: Hope I can meet you all soon!

Aurora: Yeah.

Cloudie: We’re already feeling welcome.

Bridgett: Thank!

Arleen to Prulienne: Welcome… Back, I guess? Is that how I should say it? Whatever. Good to see ya.

Prulienne: …refresh me on who Arleen is again?

Mia: Owner of the AAaF, although at this point I can’t tell if it’s her or Fizz, just like at the same time I can never tell if it’s me or Amber. In a relationship with a Sylveon named Lucian.

Prulienne: Riiiiight… Good to see you too?

Mia: Makes sense if you don’t remember. You ARE a different Prulienne, after all.

Fizzson to Mia: This everyone? Coulda swore I heard of a couple more that were heading over there…

Mia: I may have a few more soon. Just gotta decide if I actually want them here.

Editor Despie to Anna: So only people with 4th wall awareness can see you? Sounds neat, but kinda annoying sometimes.

Anna: Nah. Jill and Mia are cool. Plus I get to act lewd and only Mia and Jill can see it~.

Maria: I can too.

Miriam: Can what?

Mia: Anna problems.

Miriam: …got it…

Arleen to Futaba: Seeing as Pruli’s kiinda back (Albeit not the same), I imagine you’re feeling… A mix of emotions right now.

Futaba: *sighing* At this point, I’m not entirely sure what to think. Just when I got the thought of Pruli out of my mind, she comes back into my life. I mean, sure, she’s a different Pruli, but it’s… I’m a mess right now.

Emma to Cloudie: You seem chill. I like that. ^^

Cloudie: Yeah, I tend to be.

Mia and Cloudie: It’s like the lyrics from a Pegboard Nerds song. We’re riding on a pink cloud.

Mia: What?

Cloudie: What?

Miriam: Stop synchronizing with each other, it’s annoying.

Mia: …fine.

Ethan to all: Furret walk around Club Nightshade.

Mia: …Sure.

Miriam: I don’t get the joke.

Mia: Soon.

(I’m doing Chaotic separate from the rest of the Qs so she can answer them in her own time. -EF)

Mia: …Chaotic, opinion?

Chaotic: My brain hurts… *appears to be drunk*

Mia: …from that or from something else?

Chaotic: LIFE.

Mia: …duly noted.

Arleen to Junko and Aurora: Are you two friends, or did you just meet because of the housing opportunity?

P!J: Well, we didn’t know each other at all until we met at a cafe nearby.

Mia: Oh, yeah, Intelligentsia. How was it?

Aurora: Decent. Regardless, we’re only faintly acquainted with each other. So in a sense, it’s because of the housing opportunity.

Mel to Chaotic: I like you. 🙂

Chaotic: I like you too! You’re really cool!

Mia: Oh, jeez, I think she has a teammate now…

Chaotic: Shh… Just let it happen.

Mia: I’m worried now. Oof.

Arleen to Ada and Jill: Favorite bar drinks?

Jill: Beer. Always been a beer person.

Ada: Jill, the blessed lass she is, makes a mean Piano Woman. Bloody ‘ell, it’s amazin’.

Jill: Original recipe from my days at Valhalla.

Fizzson to Fuse and Kya: I assume you solved mysteries before joining Quincy on Prism PI. Hardest one you had to solve?

Kya: Really the only one we’ve solved was the ParSec case, and it’s a kinda long story.

Fuse: TL;DR, our friend died, the murderer was her manager who was secretly her father.

Ethan to Trinity, Hannah, and Zoe: I sometimes forget you three exist, and I kinda feel bad about it. >.<

Trinity: No worries. I’m usually occupied with acting as Miss Fortune Cookie anyway.

Zoe: I-It’s fine. H-Hannah agrees.

Arleen to Kasey: So, how’s the whole… Crush thing going?

Kasey: Still working on it. This whole Prulienne situation isn’t helping.

Fizzson to Linka: How come you’re at Club Nightshade seeking a housing opportunity? Kinda figured someone like you would be busy being… Well, the hero of Hylia.

(Fizz put Hyrule instead of Hylia, so I edited that. Keep that in mind, Fizzbro. Hyrule and Hylia are two different things. -EF)

Linka: Yeah, about that. They don’t really need a hero for a good while. So I just started adventuring and ended up here.

Mia: You need any help, just ask.

Linka: Sure. I’ll let you know.

Katrina to Bridgett: Chur really cyoot. I think I’m gonna like ya. ^w^

Bridgett: Me?

Mia: Yep. You’re a cutie.

Bridgett: Cute! *wide smile*

Ethan to Mia: You just can’t stay away from Splatoon stuff, huh?

Mia: Oh, so first, flak for ending hiatus early, now flak for adding Bridgett. She’s too smol and cute to pass up, gimme a damn break.

Bridgett: Mean…

Mia: …yeah, you’re right. Basically, just chill, Ethan.

Fizzson to Faris: You keeping up with data on the AAaF cast and such?

Faris: Of course. I’m trying to keep updated on the status of the Psycho Squad too in case I need to send backup.

Ashley: Faris, I believe we have it taken care of.

Faris: You never know.

Emma to Sara: We should hang out sometime. Could be pretty fun. ;3

Sara: Oh, definitely~.

Ethan to all:

Mia: Whoever pushed that cat is rude.

Everyone else: Agreed.

Chaotic: NO NOT THE KITTY!!!

Mia: RIP in peace… RIP in peace my ears too, after that…

Chaotic: *screeching different things about conspiracies and cat stuff, yelling “GIRAFFES HAVE NO VOCAL CORDS” in the middle*

Mia: …as expected, I guess?

Emma to Maria: How’re you getting along with your 4th wall powers?

Maria: They’re… slowly developing. I’ve almost got the hang of it, and Mia’s been a big help.

Arleen to Ashley: What’s the trickiest spell you’ve ever cast?

Ashley: Hmm… Way farther back, I was trying to transport a large device outside of the laboratory, and I had to truly concentrate on the shrinking process. I’d say that was the hardest that I can remember.

Trixie to Miriam: Favorite power you’ve gotten from demon souls?

Miriam: Invisibility. The only reason I like it is so I can act like I’m not here.

Mimi to Miku: Thinking of getting back into music performing. If I do, we should totally collab sometime.

Miku: Oh, totally! I’ll work on mixing and mastering the track in my free time when you send the singing.

Rose to Saiko: Ay, you’re cool. We should meet up sometime.

Saiko: Sure. Hope you don’t mind a girl showing off her knives.

Fizzson to all: I’m guessing Miriam already told you, but in case she didn’t: BotB Rematch happening at some point. Best get yourselves prepared.

Mia: Yep. Already working on the song list and the roles. I’m taking vocals.

Miriam: Bass guitar.

Miku: Beat mixing!

Amber: Now, if I remember correctly, the Group lost last time against the AAaF.

Mia: Studying that, too. Taking a page from Miku’s book and using that as my process. See you all on the battlefield.

Mia: Chaotic, you want in?

Chaotic: *pulls out bassoon* Heck yeah.

Mia: …I’ll see what I can do…

Ethan to Mia: ATG now has 25 characters as of this post. Not too important. I’m just saying.

Mia: Ethan. Stop Q&A-shaming me. Have Miriam and Ashley been talking shit about the AAaF? No. So stop talkin’ shit about mine.

Mia: Looks like that’s everything. I’ll just finish it up real quick. As always, leave your Qs here and I’ll get them in next post. Our updated cast list, we have Amber, Quincy, myself, Miriam, Ashley, Bridgett, Kasey, Futaba, Prulienne, Chaotic, Saiko, Miku, Maria, Sara, Faris, Linka, Trinity, Hannah, Zoe, Fuse, Kya, Ada, Jill, Anna, Aurora, and Pastel!Junko. This is Mia, signing out!

(EDIT: I was gonna post this yesterday on my birthday but didn’t get to due to scheduling. Soz, fam. -EF)


ATG: During the Hiatus – Chapter 5: Pastel


After Chaosbinder training was over, I headed back to Club Nightshade, to the bar.

“Hey, Jill.” I said as I walked up.

“Hey, Miriam.” She stayed silent for a second and rolled her eyes, which I assumed meant Anna was saying something.

“What’d she say?”

“She’s wanting to pull your shirt up again.”

“Which side is she on?”

“Your left.”

I made a punching motion behind me on my left. “Did I get her?”


“Good. Any news from Mia or Miku on new girls coming in?”

“Yup. Miku said two of them, Mia said one of them was from a different dimension.”

“Ah, good, more chaos. Did Mia say what they were like?”

“No, but knowing her, she’ll be here right as I finish this sentence.”

“And you’d be correct in saying that,” Mia said as she appeared beside me. “Three things. First, they’re pastel goths. Second, if you remember me talking about Junko, one of them’s basically her but she’s chill this time. Third, they’re coming right now. See ya.”

Mia disappeared as soon as the door opened, and I turned to face the people that came in.

The first was, like Mia said, a chill pastel goth version of Junko. The second was also pastel goth, but was chewing black licorice bubblegum.

“Welcome to Club Nightshade, how may I help you?” Jill said, as normal.

“Hey, we’re here for Miku and her housing opportunity.” The gum-chewing one said.

“Miku isn’t here, but you’re welcome to head to whichever room doesn’t have name tags on it. Can I get your names?”

“Junko Enoshima,” the pastel goth Junko copy said, as expected.

“Aurora Moira,” the gum chewer said.

“Nice to meet you both. If you need anything, I’ll be right here.”

“Pause,” I said before they left. “Junko. Miku’s friend Mia knew someone with the same name as you. I’m hereby deeming you Pastel!Junko. P!J for short.”

“Fine by me,” Pastel!Junko replied.

“You two are free to go now.” I said, waving them off.

Once the two left, Mia appeared again.

“How’d I do?” I asked her.

“Pretty well. Good enough to sub for me when I’m gone.” Mia replied, summoning a can of Root Beer.

I opened my hand, and Jill quickly put a can of Root Beer in my hand. “Cheers to that.”

ATG: During the Hiatus – Chapter 4: Fizz Found This Clever

(Yes, Fizz, I’m calling you out. -EI)


“You have much to learn, Naruto, especially the secret ninja art of surprise. A thousand years of pain!”

“Aaaaaaaaa- harderdaddy.”



Bridgett looked at me from around the corner. “Mia!”

I paused the YouTube video and turned to her. “Hey, Bridgett, what’s up?” I asked her.


“What about her?”

“Problem. Weird.”

I laughed. “Weird is my middle name.” I followed Bridgett over to see Amber’s portal wide open. I went through and heard the Demon Queen say “Oh, Lady Mia, just the friend I was looking for.”

“What’s the problem, Amber?

“Remember how I said the souls of the Six were safe and sound here in the Underworld?”


“Well, one of them just found their way out.”

“Which one?”

The faint sound of “You’ve Got Mail” echoed through the room. I opened a mailbox that I had appear and saw a business card, reading it.

“Mia Inkamena… Normally, you cause too much chaos. But I’m here to stop you. Your chaos has gone on for long enough, and it’s time to bring it to an end. Sincerely, the Ace of Spades of the Phantom Thieves.”

I started laughing. “First, goddamn, it’s Prulienne. Second, she really thinks she can beat the next Kimiko?” I kept laughing.

“It seems you shall be under attack soon.”

“Yeah, try me, bitch.”

“And it’s go time.”

My Mia senses told me that Prulienne had started her attack. As per P5 usual, she’d already gotten everything unlocked, so she just needed to beat the final boss of the dungeon. However, it’s not what she expected.

As soon as she walked into the Palace, which was Club Nightshade as a mansion, she was met with an entirely different thing. She was trapped in a box. Confused, she went out of the Palace and back in. This time, I left a note for her: “meet me @ Nightshade or u r big dumdum w/ gumgum.”

I opened my eyes to see Club Nightshade in its normality, before Prulienne appeared.

“There you are, Prulienne.” I said.

“…how do you know my name?” Prulienne asked. “We’ve never met.”

“Ah, that’s simple. Fourth wall.”

“Can’t say I’ve heard of it.”

“Of course. Basically, I have the ability to know whatever I want. For example, you’re not the first iteration of Prulienne, but you have the spirit of the first living within you, and that the first iteration of you was the girlfriend of the first iteration of ME, a dude named Vampi. Now, if you’re weirded out by all this, don’t worry, it’s just stuff I know, you don’t have to remember it. All you need to know is I do chaos, yes, but I can stop when told to, and that we’re friends now.”

“…uhm… Simple enough…”

“Can I call you Pruli?”


“Cool. Welcome to the ATG.”

“I already feel at home.”

ATG: During the Hiatus – Chapter 3: The Ink Clouds


“Lady Miriam, status report on the Arleen and Friends situation?” I said as I walked into the main room of the club.

“Good. Had to explain the new recruit, though.” Lady Miriam replied.

“New recruit?” I asked, confused. “I can’t say I’ve been introduced.”

“Boxie!” I heard from behind me, making me jump.

I turned to see an Octoling that looked almost like a loli holding a small cardboard box and offering it to me.

“…what’s in the box?” I asked the Octoling.

“Boxie!” The Octoling replied.

“… Just take the damn box, m’lady.” Miriam told me.

Reluctant, I took the small box and opened it to see writing that said “This Boxie says you’re friends with Bridgett.”

“So your name’s Bridgett?”

“Bridgett!” Bridgett replied.

“…nice to meet you, Lady Bridgett. My name is Queen Ambrosia Ellis, but you can call me Amber.”

“Am… ber… Ammy?”

“Ammy… Sure. Ammy works.”

I turned to Lady Miriam. “New rule. Only Lady Bridgett’s allowed to call me Ammy. Make sure Lady Mia knows.”

“Oh, I know,” Lady Mia said, appearing between us. “Won’t stop me from breaking it, though.”

“Of course,” I said.

“Letting you know, a new girl’s here.”

“Coming now.”

We all teleported to the entrance, where a girl with pink hair was standing.

“Ah, here they are,” Lady Jill said as we appeared. “Lady Amber, Mia, Miriam, this is Tessa Artemiva, although she prefers Cloudie.”

“A pleasure,” Lady Cloudie and I managed to say at the same time.

“…a respectable woman, I see.” I said.

“Yeah,” Lady Cloudie replied. “If Ren was here, he’d be more respectable, but he’s still at home, so…”

“Regardless,” Lady Mia interjected. “Thanks for coming.”

“Of course. This’ll be fun.”

ATG: During the Hiatus – Chapter 2: The New Assistants


“Alright, so you have all the details of Day 1. Who do you think it is so far?”

“Well, they all have grudges on each other, but Sabrina was the only one that DIDN’T have a video that said she wanted to win, so it has to be her. But that online handle, “theredherring,” it’s throwing me off. Signs point to her, but that isn’t all the information.”

The doorbell rang, and Mia stood up. “Guess I’ll go.” She said. “Probably something important.”

As Mia left, two girls came in through the door.

“What’s the problem?” I asked, tilting my fedora down.

“You’re Quintessa “Quincy” Kasai, right?” The left one asked in reply.

“The Half-Demon Detective?” The right added.

“Indeed I am.” I replied.

“Then we’re here to apply as your assistants.” The left said.

“Hmm… A simple test determines it. Solve this mystery.” I replied.

“Throw it at us,” the right one retorted.

I smirked.

“16 students are trapped on a series of islands, with the only way to escape being to kill someone and get away with it. At this point, 11 people are still alive, and nobody’s gotten away with it.

“A small group of people have been hit with “Despair Diseases,” which alter an aspect of someone’s personality. The only ones that have it are a singer, a gymnast, and a nurse, along with another critically injured after certain events happened. That person doesn’t relate to the case.

“One day, while one of the people is doing their daily rounds in a walk around the islands, they discover that one of their friends, the singer, has seemed to hang themselves and shown everyone else via a video; however, the person doing the rounds was the only one to see it.

“The person, whom we will call H, goes to the place they seem to be and sees the body. Petrified, H goes to let the others nearby know, but when they get back, they notice that someone locked the door and the temperature has gone way up. They bust down the door to find ANOTHER dead body, that of their traditional dancer friend, strapped to a pillar. Who did it and how? If you have any questions, feel free to ask.”

The two got lost in thought. Any questions they had, I answered. It took a while, but they finally came up with a solution.

“I’ve got it.” The left one said.

“Please explain,” I replied with a professional voice.

“The nurse. The temperature rising made the bodies sweaty, which made the time of death uncertain. As a nurse, their job is to do an autopsy on a person, and one of the things they’re able to do is figure out the time of death. Nobody else would be smart enough to think of that except for the nurse. The first murder, the singer, was committed by sneakily moving the character towards a noose in the hospital, then transporting the body over before sending the video, thanks to the blood in the hospital room. The second murder would happen before sending the video as well, and they were able to hide it by using the wallpaper found in the storage room of the building the two’s bodies were found in.”

I sat there silent for a second, and turned to the one on the right. “Any objections?”

“Nope.” They replied. “Had the same ideas as well. The nurse did it all.”

I sat silent for a couple seconds more, then tilted my head up. “Good job. You passed. Welcome to Prism PI. May I get your names?”

“Kya Caine, and my partner Fatimah ‘Fuse’ Fallon.” The one on the left said.

I extended my hand. “A pleasure to work with the both of you.”

ATG: During the Hiatus – Episode 1: The New Barkeep, The Fourth Wall Entity, and the Hero of Hylia

(To compensate for my hiatus, I’m posting a few super short story posts I thought up during a church camp that had to do with new characters I’m introducing. Fizz, please don’t get mad at me for adding more. Hope you all enjoy! -EI)


“Goooooooood morning, Club Nightshade!” I said as I walked in.

“Mia, it’s fucking 2:00 PM.” Miriam said, following. “Besides, nobody is here.”

“Welcome to Club Nightshade,” an unfamiliar voice said. “Place is closed right now, but what can I get you?”

I turned to see a girl with long black hair working behind the bar instead of Ada.

“… How did you get here?” I asked.

“Miku hired me.” The girl said.

“…that would explain it. Did she ever say anything about a Mia and a Miriam?”

“…she DID say a Mia Inkamena and a Miriam would be coming back from a beach vacation while she was gone with Ada, Lady Amber, Quincy, Futaba and Kasey.”

“That’s us.” Miriam said. “I’m Miriam, that’s Mia.”

“Ah, then welcome back. I’m Ada’s new co-bartender, Jill. I may not have her drink expertise, but I can make a mean cocktail.”

I squinted at her. “Jill as in Julianne Stingray of the bar Valhalla?”

Jill looked surprised. “Are you friends with Alma?”

“No, but I do know who you’re talking about. Fourth wall.”

“Fourth wall…”

“So you can see me?” Another person said.

“(Oh, no, not you again,)” Jill said in her mind.

The girl had short black hair, a monotone smile, and wore a schoolgirl-esque outfit.

“Who’s this?” I asked Jill.

“Who’s who?” Miriam asked me.

“Good, I’m not alone,” Jill replied.

“I’m hella confused right now.” Miriam said.

“So you can see me.” The girl said.

“(Oh, and speak with your mind,)” Jill said, looking towards me.

“(…this work?)” I asked, as if using telepathy.

“Yeah!” The girl replied.

“…y’all are making faces. I’m suspicious.”

“I’m just remembering things,” Jill said.

“Long story short,” I told Miriam, “we can see someone you can’t. Fourth wall.”

“So basically what you’re saying is, you two and probably Maria will be able to see them?” Miriam asked.


“…this is why I wish fourth wall powers were available with demon souls.”

“You eat demon souls?” Jill asked, slightly confused.

“Yeah. It’s… interesting, to say the least.”

“Hey, Mia, I bet you I can lift Miriam’s shirt,” Anna said.

“(As much as I honestly would be interested in that, not right now,)” I replied, smirking.

“What now?” Miriam asked, annoyed.

“Anna’s already beating Sara in the lewd department.”

Miriam chuckled. “She’s gonna be pissed.”

“Oh, I almost forgot.” Jill said. “Miku said that another person would be coming soon, and that loads more would be coming later.” 

My Mia senses started tingling. “Here they come,” I said.

We collectively looked towards the door to see what looked like a female version of Link from Zelda fame.

“Welcome to Club Nightshade,” Jill and I said in unison.

“Oh, hey, people.” The female Link replied. “Is Miku here?”

“Nope.” Jill replied. “Out on an errand with some friends and co-workers. Mia here can help you out, though.”

“Yup.” I nodded. “What’cha got?”

“Ah, well, I just moved here, and she’s giving me a place to stay.”

“Oh, yeah, definitely. We’re all staying here too. Can I get your name?”

“Linka, Hero of Hylia.”

Linka pulled out a sword and pointed it towards the sky.

“…heh, Skyward Sword.” I said to myself.

“Regardless, Miku should be back sometime soon.” Jill said.

“No worries. I can wait.” Linka replied.

Ask the Girls – Episode 4: Chaotic Neutral

(Before we begin, I just wanted to say two things. First, happy Post 100 to Antics! I had something special planned for this episode, but the second thing got in the way of it, so I’ll do it in a story post after. Second, in this episode, I’m recruiting my first not-played-by-me character, Chaotic, played by my good friend ChaoticJoy on Discord! Hope you guys enjoy! -Ink)

Mia: *walking in, watching gaming videos on her phone*

???: *on her face on the floor*

Mia: Oh, Chaotic, didn’t know you were he- WAIT. Chaotic, the hell are you doing here?

Chaotic: Fell from the sky… again…


Maria: *walking in, sighing as she snaps and the roof gets fixed*

Ambrosia: *walking in behind Maria* I heard you yelling, Lady Mia. Who’s the new friend?

Mia: Everyone, this is Chaotic Joy.

Chaotic: I exist.

Mia: …yeah, that basically sums you up.

???: Nice to meetcha, Chaotic.

*Mia and Ambrosia turn*

Ambrosia: Ah, Lady Miriam. What brings you here?

Miriam: Got bored, finally decided to make my arrival here.

Mia: Ah, okay, cool. Well… Amber, if you could please.

Ambrosia: Lady Chaotic, and everyone else, this is Lady Miriam, head of the Chaosbinders, my most trusted special forces group.

Miriam: *nods in greeting*

Chaotic: *hmmmmmmmm face* I want a cookie.

Mia and Maria: *creating chocolate chip cookies by snapping*

Miriam: *opening up some kind of portal* Oreos or Chips Ahoy?

Chaotic: White chocolate macadamia nut.

Miriam: Hmmm… *reaching in the small portal* I got it here somewhere… Ah, here it is. *pulls out an entire box and tosses it to Chaotic*

Chaotic: *devoured the box like a wild animal*

Miriam: Think I got her trust now.

Mia: Yep. Yep you did. Chaotic, you up for a Q&A session?

Chaotic: *shiny eye face* Yush.

Mia: Here goes nothing then.

E to all: Nail polish, yea or nay?


Mia: …that was fast, Chao. I don’t think the rest of us are into nail polish either.

E to all again: Any favorite Shakespeare plays?

Chaotic: Nah. I like poetry more. Look up Edgar Allen Poe.

Mia: More like, Edgar Allen Poe-etry.

Chaotic: That was Poe-etic of you. Literary. I better book it before pages of hate are thrown at me.

Mia: We welcome any puns. E, however… yeah, best to ask her about that.

Editor LuckE to all: Hey, should I cut and dye my hair? I think that’d be kinda cool.

Chaotic: Yes. I’m thinking red and orange with red tips (same color red) it gives it a fire aspect.

Mia: She was actually planning on pink if I remember correctly.

Chaotic: PINK IT IS!!!

Mia: Glad you agree.

Saiko: Sure. Pink’s cool as hell.

Ambrosia: It’s your choice, Lady Elyana.

Miriam: Personally, I’d choose purple. Mia’ll probably side with me on that.

Mia: Hell yeah.

Arleen to Trinity: Welcome to ATG! You sound… Interesting, for sure.

Trinity: Basically. I have an entire briefcase full of fortune cookie quotes and chinese proverbs to use for any true advice questions you have.

Fizzson to Chaotic: Welcome to ATG. Know you haven’t been properly introduced as of me writing this but welcome anyways.

Chaotic: I feel special.

Mia: You are special.

Chaotic: *shiny eyes* Yay~

Mia: *smiling*

Arleen to all: How were your guy’s April Fools day? Did ya prank anybody?

Chaotic: I just planned for my birthday which was 3 days away.

Miriam: You already heard about mine back in AAaF.

Mia: We… wait, your birthday was on the 4th? Crap, I should’ve said happy birthday, I had no idea…

Ethan to all: Pulled a Mia/Vampi and changed up sonas. What do y’all think?

Chaotic: *now a bear with green hair* AAAAAA-

Mia: Hi, welcome to the Chaotic is truly Chaotic show. I like it. Ethan… Got a… Got a nice ring to it.

Ethan to Mia: …Uncle Inky? (ImsorryIhadto-)

Mia: Only when my sister has children.

(For clarification on this joke, Lucian started a Q&A and they referred to me as Uncle Inky at one point, and I really hated it. Fizz said he was iffy whether he should include it or not, and I told him I had the perfect turn on it. There’s the plot twist, Fizz. -Ink)

Trixie to all: You guys ever give your boy/girlfriend up so someone you know would fit them better and also loves them could be with them instead? Just curious. :3

Chaotic: Yeah, actually. But he was a pervert that I never wanna see again, so.

Mia: Too many times. Have I mentioned back when I was Vampi… 17 exes?

Ambrosia: Lady Mia, all too much.

Chaotic: I wish I could have someone… my boyfriend isn’t here and I miss him…

Mia: You mean Montreal?

Chaotic: Yes… Motor is keeping him at home right now… jerk.

Mia: Don’t worry. he’s probably fine… Surprisingly, fourth wall sight doesn’t reach to your love life.

Maria: My fourth wall sight’s still in development… Zis sucks…

Luci to all: hey heckers. List the weirdest fetish you have.


Mia: Big tits. Which I really wish I had with this look.

Saiko: Pain.

Miriam: BDSM, all honesty.

Mia: *looking at Zoe, who’s completely uncomfortable* I’ll say it for Zoe, don’t involve her in that at all for right now.

Chaotic: I have many more just so you know.

Fizzson to all: Have y’all been doing your Spanish classes? (If at least Mia doesn’t get this reference, I’ll be disappointed)

Chaotic: No habla espanol y no habla engles.

Mia: …yes, I get the reference, and I personally don’t like having to learn Spanish.

Fizzson to all again: For real, tho. Do you guys know any extra languages?

Chaotic: I am slowly learning Japanese!

Mia: Side with Chao on that. Still working on it, though.

Chaotic to all: I may change a lot. I’m weird like that. Is that okay?

Mia: You’re named Chaotic. I don’t see why that isn’t okay. Real question is, can Fizz and friends keep up? Find out on the next episode of what even is this supposed to be a reference of.

Mia: Well, that’s it for this one. What did you think, Chaotic?

Chaotic: I’ll be back next time. Ask me all you guys want!

Mia: Yup. She’s in for the ride, along with Miriam and everyone else from last post’s character list I’m too lazy to edit it in.

Amber: Until then, this is Lady Amber and the Girls, signing out!