Ask the Group: Remastered #60: Ups and Downs


*Arisu, Prulienne, Itch, and TAS all rush to Vampi’s room, while Kimiko just teleports and acts like she’s already there.*

Kimiko: What’s up now, bro?

Vampi: I have an announcement to make… I’m thinking of quitting the ATG.

Prulienne: Why, though, babe?

Vampi: We haven’t had Qs in a while, and usually I have to wait like a week until somebody finally submits Qs. And I’m getting bored and writing stories, and I wanna put those characters in, and then there’s putting them out, and well…

???: N-No worries, Vampi. I can r-relate.

*The six turn to see a familiar face, but… this face is also different.*

Vampi: Z-Zoe? …You’ve changed.

Zoe: Y-Yeah… H-Hi…

Vampi: *starts to go and hug Zoe, but stops in his tracks* Wait a minute… Are you human now?

Zoe: Y-Yeah… I-I really hope you don’t mind…

Vampi: No, that’s awesome! *continues the hug route, managing a hug*

Arisu: You keep stuttering. I’m curious why.

Zoe: W-Well… P-Please don’t find this w-weird, but… *deep breath* I’ve got a spirit girlfriend that nobody else can see or hear unless we switch who’s controlling my body but it takes a lot of energy out of us each time we do it but a soda fixes it easily.

Everyone present: …

Vampi: …No, that’s not that weird.

Kimiko: *snaps a soda into existence, tossing it to Zoe* I wanna see how this works.

Zoe: O-Ok…

Prulienne: And, uh, no need to be nervous. We’re all unique here.

Zoe: R-Right…

*Zoe takes a deep breath and closes her eyes. The jewel broche on her new necklace changes from it’s standard orange-yellow to a neon green as Zoe starts to fall backwards.*

Itch: *starts to walk over*

Kimiko: Don’t. She’s still alive.

*Suddenly, Zoe(?) bolts up, and starts talking in a deeper, British voice.*

Zoe(?): Ah, hello, loves! I see Zoe’s giving you all a taste of my medicine.

Vampi: Indeed she is, upon Kimiko’s idea.

Arisu: Doesn’t matter to me. Who’re you?

Zoe(?): Well, she’s already told you I’m her spirit girlfriend, and all the stuff behind that. My name, however… Wright. Hannah Wright.

Vampi: Cool. Well, I’m Vampi, those are my siblings Itch, TAS, and Kimiko, that’s my girlfriend Prulienne and that’s Kimiko’s girlfriend Arisu. So, what got Zoe interested in you?

Hannah: Well, it’s simple, love. Zoe got interested in spirit channeling once she got her human body, and she started getting so darn good at it that she figured, maybe she could find a spirit to fall in love with. So she did some looking, turns out, she’s bisexual and she got interested in me.

Vampi: OK…

Hannah: I mean, she was a nervous wreck when we found each other, and before I died, I was a therapist, so I was able to help her out of her nervous habits. She’s still nervous every now and then, but she’s also got me to back her up.

Kimiko: Hey, just so you know, I can make you human as well… Does Zoe mind?

Hannah: *looks to the side for a few seconds, then looks back* She loves the idea. Maybe after this Q&A session I’ve been hearing about?

Vampi: Oh, right. Let’s get into it. *mumbling to self* May not quit this after all.

(Alright, so real quick, I noticed a bunch of characters haven’t been getting Qs lately, so I’m probably purging them. I’m keeping Zoe in, however, because of her and Hannah’s gimmick this episode. -EV)


The AAaF’s Qs:

Fizzson to all: Well, this took way too long to come in. Really not an excuse for this. Sorry guys.

Vampi: No worries! …well, some worries, maybe, but it’s fine.


Smiley to all: Been a while since I’ve been able to keep up with this. How is everyone?

Kimiko: Ohhhh, shit, he’s back.


Vampi: Both of you, chill. I’ve been reading the AAaF, Smiley’s chill now.

Kimiko: …I still don’t trust him.

Hannah: …Zoe says “everyone can be nice if they put their mind to it.”

Vampi: Agreed. But yeah, Smiles, we’re good… *looks at Kimiko*

Kimiko: *frowning*

Vampi: *looking back* Most of us.


Fizzson to TAS: Hamster dance.

TAS: *signing*

Itch: Trap remix is better.


Arleen to Tenka: I should introduce you to Kasai at some point. He’s a Litten I caught recently. I think you two might get along nicely.

Hannah: Who’s Kasai?

Vampi: Right. Arisu?

Arisu: *pulls out a Pokeball, letting out Tenka*

Tenka: Yo, I’m needed?

Arisu: Q for ya. Arleen says she should introduce you to her Litten, Kasai.

Quintessa: *peeks her head in* You called?

Arisu: Wrong Kasai.

Quintessa: Oh, sorry. *closes the door*

Tenka: Another Litten, eh? Nice. Maybe we can meet each other next crossover.

Arisu: Yeah. Think that’s all for ya.

Tenka: Cool. I’m going back to sleeping in my Pokeball.

Arisu: *returns Tenka to the Pokeball* Have a good nap.

Hannah: …That was cool.

Arisu: Pokemon. We should get one you and Zoe could share.

Vampi: Nah. We’ve already got enough.

Arisu: Oh, well.


Mimi to all: Hey, so… Seth kinda turned me human back in December. Thoughts?

Vampi: Cool!


Fizzson to all: Opinions on Set it Off, Three Days Grace, and Skillet?

Vampi: Personally, the only reason I dislike Skillet is because that’s usually what Skrillex autocorrects to. As for the others, I’ve heard of them, but never listened to them.


Mimi to Mimi: Might’ve already sent a Q about this, but it’s a really weird coincidence that we have the same name. :T

Vampi: Actually, you HAVEN’T asked that already.

Mimi: Yess.. It is a coincidence…

Vampi: Oof. Guess that’s the only answer we’ll get. Thanks, Tari.

Tari: No problem!


(Quick intermission: So a few weeks ago I introduced a friend to one of my more favorite songs, POP/STARS by K/DA, hoping he’d like it and listen to it again every now and then. And he’s listening to it. Every single hour… Of every day. Someone help me take this song off of his phone. -EV)


Katrina to all: If chu became a latex creature, what would be the first thing chu’d do with your latex powers? owo

(Skip. Kimiko took this in a very NSFW direction, and E reads this, so… Soz, Katrina. -EV)


Despair to Zoe: Hey, um… Are you okay?

Zoe: Well… H-Hannah’s here, so… I feel like you guys at the AAaF will find me weird.

Vampi: We don’t. Plus, they have latex creatures.

Kimiko: Latex?



Fizzson to Vampi: Gotta love how you tried to cut Itch and TAS, only for them to come back full time with two other characters.

Vampi: TAS, you have the best meme for that.




Smiley to Arisu: I see you’ve returned to AtG. How are things?

Arisu: Doing as good as ever. Being a demon queen is a pain, but at least I have Kimiko.

Kimiko: I love you too, babe.

(It was at this point I told myself “Wait, shit, I didn’t finish Writermas.” Yeah, so, in the mistletoe episode, it was supposed to be revealed Kimiko and Arisu are dating. Let’s just point that out here. -EV)


Fizzson to TAS: Wilfred the cat. Thoughts?

TAS: *shows a picture of Wilfred the Cat*


Itch: OK…

TAS: *does a bit of photoshopping and shows the results*


Vampi: Truly a masterpiece.


Fizzson to all: We live in a world where Bongo Cat got into Youtube Rewind, but all the stuff with Pewdiepie and T-Series didn’t. Not even an appearance of either, from what I remember.

Vampi: I think there’s good reason for that, too. The whole PewDiePie v. T-Series thing is still in development, plus T-Series is a company and there’s a bunch of controversy and drama surrounding Pewds. I do respect that they put Bongo Cat in. Have to represent at least one meme.


Arleen to Amber: What’s the best metal to make a blade out of?

Ambrosia: Depends on whether you want durability or strength. For durability, I’d choose mythril, as it’s unbreakable unless you put it in very specific conditions. For strength, most likely steel.


Despair to Pyrope and Lapis: I don’t think anyone’s sent you guys Qs in a while… How’ve you been?

Pyrope: Good, actually.

Lapis: We’ve been back and forth from Empire City and back helping out the Crystal Gems, and our friends there are really nice with us and our secret.

Vampi: Glad you guys are happy.


Arleen to all: How was y’all’s New Years?

(Everyone’s answers were really long and convoluted, so I avoided it, but a highlight: Myself and the rest of the Six went to Illinois to spend time with my family, and I rode on a plane, getting off a few moments before midnight. I entered the New Year drinking a glass of milk. No regrets. -EV)


Arleen to Tari: Any games you’re looking forward to in 2019?

Tari: Kingdom Hearts 3, Mortal Kombat 11, and Animal Crossing 2019. Now I’m just wondering when the next Nintendo Direct is.

Vampi: Dude, the new KH3 theme is awesome.


Arleen to all again: Any plans for Valentine’s day?

Vampi: Me and Pruli are planning to go on a double date with Ari and Kim. I’d say it would be a triple date if Itch and TAS joined, but a) they’re brothers and b) they’re probably only there just to keep the gender ratio equal.

Sakura: And I’ll be keeping an eye on them as well. All for the infowaves, though.


Despair to Sakura: I take it Valentine’s Day is a super busy time for you and looking out for ships…?

Sakura: Very much so. My main focus is on Harvelyana but Vampruli, Arimiko, and Zoanna are my backups.

(That’s an inside joke there with Zoanna, by the way. Long story short, <REDACTED> said that Hoe was a better ship name than Zoanna. I took a poll. Numbers don’t lie, <REDACTED>. -EV)


Arleen to Quintessa: Have you ever worked together with Ema Mosphere, by any chance?

Quintessa: Yes, actually. She’s great to work with. In fact, we’re gonna work on another case soon.


Mimi to all: If there’s any one thing you’d change about yourself, what would it be and why?

Vampi: Stop making bad decisions.

Itch: Stop having TAS annoy me.

TAS: *pulls out a can of Mountain dew and starts chugging it down*

Pruli: Not have found Vampi as late as I did.

Kimiko: Stop having Mel on my ass.

Arisu: Stop having Mel on Kimiko’s ass and also become a goddess like Muse and Sakura.

Zoe: N-Not be as n-nervous as I u-usually am…


Fizzson to all: Which would you rather fight? Ten chicken-sized zombies, or ten zombie-sized chickens?

Vampi and Tari: Nope, we quit.

Itch: Both. The chickens and the zombies will attack each other, and once their forces are diminished, I kill both of them.

TAS: *mouth watering*

Itch: TAS says chickens, because chicken nuggets.


Mel to Kimiko: Why do you hate me so much? All I’m doing is pointing out your flaws. Why don’t you just take my criticism and improve from it?

Kimiko: No comment. Fuck you.

Vampi: …Ohhhh, I see where you’re going. No, I’m perfectly fine by it.


Trixie to Sakura: You’re a love goddess, right? Well, I have a crush on… Someone from AAaF. Maybe you and AtG noticed already, I dunno… Basically, I don’t know what to do. Advice, please.


*15 minutes pass*

Sakura: Huh. That’s a first. I actually can’t tell who it is you’re talking about. Regardless, I’d try figuring out what they like, and giving them that kind of stuff. Take them to places they like, eventually they’ll warm up to you. You have to be brave, though. Love sometimes requires sacrifices.


Vampi: Guess that’ll be it. As always, Qs. Send them. Myself, Itch, TAS, Kimiko, Prulienne, Futaba, Arisu, Quintessa, Ambrosia, Sakura, Muse, Bella, Junko, Faris, Zoe, Atlantica, Pyrope, Lapis, Tari, Tulippe, Rotom, Kitty, Shari, Sylvia, Tenka, and Mimi, along with our new member Hannah! And I put in last ATG that I may add Bunny from Writermas, but I’m still thinking on that. And as always, we’ll keep up our usual Antics!



It Was A Nice Try

Quick update post.

So things right now as they are are pretty bad.

I’m spending too much time on this iPad working on various projects, and I’m not focusing on my schoolwork.

So there’s something I’m doing to compensate. Here’s the plan.

I’m postponing any work on ATG, AAaF or Writermas Round 2 until I get ungrounded, which will either be the start of Christmas break from school, Christmas itself, or when I go back to school. (There’s three possible dates because when my mom talked about the deadlines she was kinda vague and I’ve not found the right time to ask for specifics.

Once I get ungrounded though, I’ll finish up Writermas and go back to making ATG posts and helping with AAaF.

If I make any posts, it’ll be on my story blog,, because I already made the first 2 chapters of my new story (the first of which I’ve already posted). Otherwise, you probably won’t see me for a while (except for on Discord in my computer classes).

So for as far as I know, I’ll keep up the usual Antics, and hopefully I’ll see you all before the end of the year.


Ask the Group: Remastered #59: Q Answering Simulator

(Skipping the funny skit because I have no good ideas. -EV)

(Also just about all of these Qs are E’s so yeah. -Also EV)

E to all:

1. Pixel Dungeon yo

Vampi: Faris, look it up.

Faris: Searching… Seems like your average dungeon diving game. Costs $2.99 on mobile, $4.99 on Steam.

Vampi: Hello and welcome to until Christmas Break probably I’m broke simulator.

2. Hold my cream soda.

TAS: *gives Itch a bottle of cream soda, does a backflip off of the couch, then takes his bottle of cream soda back from Itch*

Itch: …yep. I’d expect that.

3. Space Boy?

Faris: Searching before any of you ask… Webtoon. Getting its own book, I think.

Vampi: It’s on my subscribed list, but I haven’t bothered to read any of it yet. I’m still trying to make sure I’m caught up with Let’s Play and like 5 other webtoons. I’m grounded right now, which is no help.

4. Phantom of the opera

Vampi: Lindsey Stirling’s cover is better.

5. Pineapple.

TAS: *takes a pen, sticks one end into an apple, and sticks the other end into a pineapple*

Vampi: The Overwatch gun sync of the Hoaprox remix is better.

6. Am I weird?

Prulienne: In a sense, everybody is weird.

Vampi: So yes.

7. Fav video game?

Tari: Super Mario World.

Vampi: Crypt of the NecroDancer.

TAS: *signing*

Itch: TAS says MLG Clicker. I say any type of merge game that plays in the background of whatever.

Prulienne: League of Legends.

Kimiko: Uhm… Super Smash Bros.?

Arisu: Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

8. If you were the Doctor, who would be your companion?

Vampi: Prulienne.

Prulienne: Vampi.

Itch: TAS.

TAS: *points to Itch*

Kimiko: Arisu.

Arisu: Both Kimiko and Amber.

Ambrosia: I’d be happy to go along with Arisu.

(Oh, so THAAAAAAT’S why you emailed me if I watched/liked Dr. Who. -EV)

9. Have you ever blown your nose so hard, you may have said something obscene in goose?

Kimiko: Yes. Probably.

10. Is “Baby Doll” a cute nickname?

Vampi: Personally, I find it a bit creepy, but whatever.

11. Would you watch Star Wars if, instead of lightsabers, they had laser pointers?

Itch: Heh. Me, TAS, and Vampi would watch it regardless.

12. You heard the song Breakeven?

Muse: You know, I can’t say I have.

Prulienne: Faris-

Faris: I know, I know, playing it now.

*it plays*

Vampi: Yeah. Not my cup of hot chocolate.

13. Is it Ok to play with fire?

Vampi: Pyrope, your call.

Pyrope: As long as it’s a small flame. Any larger and you leave it to pyrotechnics.

14. If I started a new Q&A, would anyone be mad at me?

Vampi: Only if you make one episode of it then completely scrap it.

(In hindsight, I never should have made ATG Purged. -EV)

15. Is lying bad?

Vampi: Yes. I’m a perfect example.

16. The crocodile went to the dentist…

Prulienne: Just read the full poem. Shel Silverstein… Why?

17. *sings* And you’re gonna hear me RAAAWWRRRR

Vampi: As long as you don’t add an xd at the end, we’re still friends.


Faris: If I remember correctly, it makes some kind of barking sound.

19. Who loves weekends?

Vampi: Everyone.

(I do when I’m not grounded, and I’m gonna love it even more if I can learn how to ride a bike and get a job at this place that’s an hour’s walk from my house. -EV)

20. If you could have any super power, what would it be?

Vampi: I’ve answered this question before, but I’m bringing my answer explanation back.

Prulienne: What’re you-

Kimiko: *puts her hand over Prulienne’s mouth* Shush. Your mind’s about to be blown.

Vampi: Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you the Rabbitman Loophole. A long time ago, when I was young, my cousin, who I’ll refer to by his Roblox username then, Rabbitman, was asked the question by me, and he gave the answer “The power to give myself powers.” I asked him to explain. He said to think about a machine with a conveyor belt, where superheroes are represented by the black ends of an Oreo and their powers are represented by that cream filling in the middle. The Flash’s Oreo has super speed fillings, Superman’s Oreo has heat vision, freeze-breath, x-ray vision, super strength, and flight fillings, and Mr. Fantastic has shapeshifting fillings. Now, think of any power ever created and assume that they’re all fillings that are separated into different compartments in the filling machine. Now, say that once a superhero’s Oreo ends came up on the conveyor belt, their superpower fillings would be dispensed and mixed into one filling, then put into their Oreo. Now say the conveyor belt stopped moving, and fillings were put on one by one by one until all the fillings were put on it, hence the multiple powers part. However, your stomach would need something to control which filling would be digested, hence the part of the power to give yourself powers.

Prulienne: Holy mother of Arsene, babe, what was in his brain?

Vampi: Uhm… Probably animal facts. He did want to be a veterinarian after all.

Prulienne: Well… Oof, his power clearly beats mine, I’ll have to go with his.

Everyone that doesn’t already have powers: *agrees*


Vampi: Gotta have at least one strength, though.

22. One time I scraped my knees running from Cybermen. Any tips for that?

Itch: Cover up your knees. Best to have a layer of protection next time.

23. Reading is breathing for the mind


Itch: Pretty sure that just means “ok.” Not too sure, will get back to you on that.

24. How do you put the water in watermelon?

Vampi: Science. Science is the answer.

25. You plant it in the spring?

Vampi: Spring’s prime planting time if autumn’s prime harvesting time.

26. Moisturize me…

Vampi and Kimiko: Hello and welcome to another episode of the People Can Take That An Entirely Different Way show!

27. Right handed, left handed or ambidextrous?

Faris: I’ve actually observed everyone and I can tell you everyone’s right handed except for Kimiko, who’s ambidextrous. Vampi is a peculiar case, though, because when he eats, he’s ambidextrous as well.

Vampi: Seriously. One moment you’ll see me eating with a fork in my right hand, and the next moment, that fork’ll be in my left hand.

Faris: There you have it.

28. Would anyone actually commission me?

(If I had money, yeah. -EV)

29. Where even is Havana?

Prulienne, Itch, and Vampi: Faris!

Faris: Yeah, yeah, keep your metaphorical shoes on. According to this Google search, Havana’s actually the capital of Cuba.

Vampi: Thank you.

30. If you had a time turner, what would you do with it?

(Nobody had a noteworthy answer for this. That and I couldn’t think of anything. -EV)

31. Why am I romantically alone.

Vampi: Regarding IRL stuff, because you’re not actively looking. Regarding AtV, you are legitimately oblivious to the most obvious thing in the world and if you keep this up any longer I’m going to sell my freaking soul to Arisu.

Arisu: Ew, hell, no, I don’t want your soul. That’s not my kinda thing.

Vampi: Then I have no clue what I’ll do, I just know it’s gonna be bad.

32. I have over 1100 notifications on DA. Why.

Vampi: Easy. You don’t use it at all. Use it more.

33. Yeet

TAS: *through soundboard, while holding a water bottle* This bitch empty…

Vampi: TAS, don’t-

TAS: *through soundboard* YEET! *throws the water bottle as hard as he can straight into Itch’s face*

Itch: TAS! Don’t make me take your soundboard again, god damnit.

TAS: *jumps back behind the couch in fear*

34. Have you ever thought to yourself “I’m too sober for this.”?

Itch: Yes. All the time.

35. Pixie and bunny.

Prulienne: *Google searching it* Keep seeing something about some Pixie Bunny shop. If you’re referencing something, I don’t know what it is.

36. Tis this a doggo I see before me?

(Nobody understood so I skipped it. -EV)

37. If you ever feel stupid, just remember, 12 year old E needed ‘XD’ explained to her.

Vampi: Taken into consideration.

38. Do do do DO DOOOO

TAS: *via soundboard* Boop boop bop boop bop? Beep?

Itch: TAS, no. Stop. Out of respect for Stephen Hillenburg, stop.

39. MacGyver anyone?

Vampi: Stepdad, stepsis, and I have been watching the reboot. Riley is awesome.

40. One time I accidentally called the pest control aisle the “Kill all the animals aisle” when I had that summer job. This isn’t a Q, but it’s funny.

Vampi: Heh. Nice one.

Editor LuckE to all: Fun fact, A was originally called M.

(Insert Texas A&M joke here -EV)

Editor LuckE to all: What’s that biggest reason you ship Elarvey?

(Biggest reason? It’s obvious that you’re trying to play it out (in the sense that they don’t realize they’re in love with each other) for as long as you can before you eventually have to accept it and let it happen. The entire ATG says they ship it because a) it’s fuckin’ obvious AtV you and DH are meant for each other, b) we’re trying to pressure you into making it happen, and c) if you go any longer I may go insane and have to have Pruli calm me down. -EV)

Fizzson to all: I know some people here watch Smg4, so… Thoughts on Meta Runner?

Vampi: Holy mother of fuck that trailer was great and I’m hype to see what happens.

Prulienne: I think the rest of the SMG4 watchers can agree.

Arleen to all: Who all’s hyped for Smash Ultimate? 😀

(Ultimate had been out for a few days after these Qs were sent. I got to play it in my game programming class on Friday, nobody could beat me when I played as Kirby. I was already hype for Smash Ultimate, but I’ll be even more hype once I get the game AND the Joker DLC. -EV)

Arleen to the Pokemon: What movesets do you guys have, if I may ask?

(I want to answer this really bad, but literally EVERY website with Pokemon movesets is blocked by my school. Go to hell, site blockers. -EV)

Trixie to all: Coolest thing you’ve ever seen?

Vampi: Ice. Yes, I went there.

(The rest either copied my reply or weren’t really interesting (examples: Kimiko said herself, TAS said literally any meme) so I just ended it off there. -EV)

Chaos Queen (It was actually ??? to start off with but after reading the AAaF’s Writermas Day 4, I was able to inference it was the new character Chaos Queen -EV) to all: Who here enjoys a bit of chaos?

Kimiko: I’m interested as long as it’s controllable. And not evil. If it’s evil chaos, you’ve immediately lost me and you’ll probably have to fight me.

Vampi: Well, that’s everything. Huge word count, I’d guess. Anyway, send your Qs to myself, Itch, TAS, Kimiko, Prulienne, Futaba, Arisu, Quintessa, Ambrosia, Sakura, Muse, Bella, Junko, Faris, Zoe, Atlantica, Pyrope, Lapis, Tari, Tulippe, Rotom, Kitty, Shari, Sylvia, Tenka, and Mimi. We may be adding Bunny from the Writermas posts if you like her, and maybe some other characters too should I actually decide it’s a good idea. As always, we’ll keep up our usual Antics. Alright, everyone else, ya’ll can go do whatever it is you do, I’m gonna go jam out to EDM music in my room.

Writermas R2D2: Santa

*At Dimension 476’s local mall, in the center square. Itch is dressed in a Santa outfit, sitting in a chair. TAS and Bunny are there as his elves.*

Itch: *surveying the crowd, pointing at some random child, and putting on a fake Santa voice* How about you, little girl?

Girl: *rushes up, almost making TAS fall over*

Bunny: *catches TAS, puts him back up, and gives him a pat on the back*

Girl: *sits on Itch’s lap*

Girl’s Mom: Hey, sweetie, smile for the camera.

Itch: *forces a smile while the mom takes the picture, then turns to face the girl* Alright, young lass, what do you want for Christmas this year?

Girl: Ummm… Ooh! I want a new Barbie doll, a new Justin Bieber CD, and tickets to the next Taylor Swift concert!

Bunny: *recorded all of that using speech to text on her hack mask, giving Itch the thumbs up*

Itch: *nods at the thumbs up* Alright, I’ve got that down. Have a merry Christmas, young one! Ho, ho, ho!

Bunny: *waits for the girl to pass, then goes up to Itch, whispering to him* I’d bet you’re pissed that Vampi’s making you do this?

Itch: *whispering back* Yes. Of course.

Bunny: Well, we can always stop, let someone else take over.

Itch: Please.

Bunny: *chuckling, then whispering again* Good. I’ve always wanted to give it a try. We need an excuse though. *turns her head and motions TAS over*

TAS: *goes over and shrugs*

Itch: He asked “What’s up?”

Bunny: *to TAS* Itch wants to take a break, and I wanted to take his place. So here’s my plan. I know a guy that can take Itch home free of charge, so I’m gonna call him up. While I do that, Itch, do one more person and then act like you have a stomachache. My guy will tell me what entrance he’s at, and TAS, you escort Itch to the place. I’ll follow behind you guys probably 10 feet away, then ditch y’all halfway and go in the restroom to change into the Mrs. Claus outfit I’ve been carrying around. TAS, once you get Itch to the door, meet me at the nearest vending machine from there and we’ll walk back here. Ready?

Itch: *nods*

TAS: *nods*

Bunny: Then let’s move.

*The three split; Itch stays in the chair, TAS stands next to him with his whiteboard and his iPhone while putting on a pair of headphones disguised as earmuffs and listening to music in one ear while listening to Itch and the various kids, and Bunny hops off to pull out her phone and call “her guy.”*

Itch: *pointing at another random kid* “Alright, how about you, boy?

Boy: *decides to be careful, and slowly walks up while his mom records him*

Itch: What would you like for Christmas, young man?

Boy: Mr. Santa Claus, I’ve thought about it, and I want to get brand new fighter plane action figures…

Bunny: *hops back up*

Boy: …the newest Mario game…

TAS: *writing everything down*

Boy: …and a pair of headphones.

Bunny: *walks over, whispering to TAS as he gives Itch the thumbs up* North exit. Black car, custom license plate says RUF-NEC-FF.

TAS: *nods*

Itch: *sees TAS’s thumbs up* Alright, young man. Make sure you stay on the nice list, kiddo, and have a merry Christmas, ho ho ho! *watches the kid walk off, and begins the plan by acting like he has a stomachache* Oh, ho ho, I’m not feeling so well…

Bunny and TAS: *rush up to Itch*

Bunny: *with a convincing voice* What’s wrong, Santa?

Itch: I must have had something bad in my lunch… I may need to head back to the North Pole and get Mrs. Clause or her daughter to get here and take my place.

TAS: *helps Itch up*

Bunny: Well, I’ll make sure everyone knows. Elfie, you take Santa to his ride home.

TAS: *looks around, facepalms, then nods, taking Itch with him as they slowly walk off*

Bunny: *to the crowd* Alright, kids, listen up. Santa ate something bad today and he’s not feeling so good right now, so my elf partner is taking him to our friend that can take him to his sleigh, and I’m calling up Santa’s daughter. Don’t worry, children, we’ll be back in a few!

Crowd of People: *show signs of disappointment as Bunny hops off*

Bunny: *follows behind Itch and TAS, waiting for the right moment, then diving off to the side and heading to the restroom, changing into her Mrs. Claus’s Daughter outfit, and meeting TAS at the vending machine*

(This is the result of making a Writermas post with absolutely no idea what to do and having to take inspiration from emails with E to make a post. Yikes. Anyway, I’ll keep up the usual Antics! -EV)

Writermas R2D1: Christmas Trees

(Reminder: the Writermas idea is not mine. Credit goes to E for that.)

Vampi: Kimiko, before we do anything regarding Christmas, I need you to promise one thing. No snapping anything in that helps the cause.

Kimiko: Sure you can take care of it?

Vampi: Yeah… Probably. Alright, guys, bring it in!

*Itch and TAS push in a box containing a Christmas tree*

Itch: *finally getting it into the living room* Holy Jesus Christ that tree is heavy as hell.

Vampi: Whatever. Get it up.

*Itch opens the box, setting up the base while TAS takes out the branches*

Prulienne: Start assembly line.

TAS: *throws a branch to Itch*

Faris: *scans it in midair, and makes a guide for Itch to follow regarding making the branches look presentable*

Itch: *follows it, tossing the branch to Arisu*

Arisu: *puts the branch on the tree guide*

Vampi: While that’s going, Christmas music?

Itch: Christmas carols?

Vampi: Not yet.

Ambrosia, Muse, Bella, and Lapis: *nodding*

Vampi: *uses his magic to summon his drumset and taps his sticks as if a metronome while they pull out their instruments*

Ambrosia: *pulls out a violin, plucking the strings for the beginning melody*

Bella: *pulls out a violin and does the same thing when Ambrosia repeats*

Vampi: *drums them out of the hook as Bella switches out the violin for her bass and Muse pulls out a trumpet*

Ambrosia: *plays a different version of the melody while Muse adds some stylish flair with the trumpet, Bella backs them up with her bass, and Vampi drums along*

Muse: *stops her trumpeting as everyone else plays softer and Lapis starts singing*

Lapis: You’re a mean one, Mr. Grinch… You really are a heeeeeel…

Ambrosia: *plays a few small riffs on the violin in between lines*

Lapis: You’re as cuddly as a cactus, as charming as an eel, Mr. Griiiiinch…

Ambrosia and Bella: *pause*

Lapis: You’re a bad banana with a…

Muse: *starts again*

Lapis: …greasy black peeeel!

*everyone starts playing again, and continues until the end of the song, where Kimiko catches the tree topper in midair after Itch finishes bending the branches and puts it in the middle as the song ends*

???: …well, that looked fun.

Vampi: *turns to the front door, where a girl with a blue visor stands*

Kimiko: *not turning* And you are?

GWBV: Oh, just a passerby. Heard something that sounded like Lindsey Stirling and came to watch. I’d rather not give my name out, so let’s just say you’re following the white rabbit.

Futaba: *through TAS’s soundboard* White rabbit… How about Bunny?

Bunny: That’ll work for now, I guess. Mind if I stay for a while? You all seem like a nice group.

Vampi: Sure. I like the visor, by the way.

Bunny: Thanks. I call it my hack mask.

Futaba: I heard the word hack. Instantly friends.

Bunny: *looking around* I keep hearing voices but with nobody showing them.

Vampi: You’ll get used to the weird things around here. That’s our current hacker roommate Futaba talking through the soundboard of resident meme machine TAS.

Bunny: Trust me. I live next to a bunch of demons. I’ve seen weird. And don’t worry. I won’t be here for too long.

Vampi: Well, it’s great to have you.

Bunny: And it’s great to meet you in turn… What’s your name again?

Vampi: It’s Vampi. Guy with the frown and the pink scouter lens is my brother Itch, the pink scouter lens itself is his AI companion Faris, the kid with the Mountain Dew shirt is TAS, the girl with the white hair is my sister Kimiko, the girl with the purple hair is my girlfriend Prulienne, the girl with the orange hair and the crown is Arisu, the girl with the violin is Arisu’s second-in-command Ambrosia, the girl with the bass guitar is Belladonna, the girl with the trumpet is resident music goddess Muse, the blue girl is Lapiz Lazuli, the red guy coming down the stairs right now is Lapis’ boyfriend Pyrope, and there’s a bunch more that aren’t here right now.

Bunny: I’ll act like I remembered that, if that’s fine with you.

Vampi: Sure.

(So for the duration of Writermas, I’m putting in a temporary character,the hacker known as Bunny! I may post day 2 today as well since I learned I may have my schedule set behind, but regardless, we’ll keep up the usual Antics!)



12 Days Of Writermas: Round 2


It’s Vampi here.

Quick update.

So last year, E came up with a thing called Writermas and I tried doing it but never finished.

So I’m doing it again this year.

Starting tomorrow, and at any points until the 25th, I’ll be posting a Writermas skit.

Prompts here, copied from E’s Writermas post:

1. Christmas trees

2. Santa

3.  Decorating

4.  Ugly sweaters

5. Christmas carols

6. Cozy

7. Snowball fight

8. Fireplace

9.  Winter Wonderland

10. Candy Cane

11. Scarves

12. Mistletoe

And that’s really it. Back to effing around on Discord. We’ll keep up the usual Antics!

Ask the Group: Remastered #58: Imagine (feat. Fizz and Despair from the AAaF)

(Quick update: Arisu and Kimiko are doing two Q&As at once. They’ll be joining the AAaF officially the day after this post goes up. For now, enjoy them here! -EV)

(Also the post name has nothing to do with the post, Fizz was just “tapped for names” according to what he said in the crossover doc. Not that I blame him, though. I usually start making posts with the name first. -EV)

*Time: Questionable – Location: Vampi’s House, Dimension 476*

Vampi: *on the TV, watching the Overwatch World Cup grand finals as it was pre-recorded* South Korea’s 3-0 against China in a best of seven. Heh, SK probably wins.

Itch: I dunno. China’s defense had been pretty good during the semi-finals.

Prulienne: Could y’all shut up? I’m trying to learn from the masters.

Vampi: …props for that-

Prulienne: Shush.

Vampi: …ok.

*the program keeps going until the commercial break, where Vampi gets up*

Vampi: Grabbing some snacks, anybody want anything?

Itch: Sure. Get me some barbecue chips, please… TAS wants Doritos.

Prulienne: Do we have any mint chocolate chip ice cream left?

Vampi: *looking in the fridge* Nope, but we have some vanilla.

Prulienne: That’ll do. Thanks, babe.

Kimiko: *suddenly appearing* Peppermint hot chocolate.

Vampi: You have tons of money in your bank account. Go get it from Starbucks.

Kimiko: …Fine. *disappears*

Vampi: *sighs, working on the snacks*

*A portal opens, Fizzson and Despair walk through it*

Kimiko: *appears once more with her drink, looking towards the portal* Yo, V. Fizz and Despair just popped in.

Vampi: *looking around the corner as he puts whipped cream on his and Prulienne’s vanilla ice cream* Oh, hey, guys.

Fizzson: Heya. I see Kimiko’s here. Is Arisu around, too?

Kimiko: She’s in the Underworld dealing with a dispute. She’ll be back in a few minutes.

Vampi: *finishing up the snacks* Hey, do you think we have enough time for another episode of the ATG?

Fizzson: Well, I wasn’t really planning one, but I don’t see why not.

Prulienne: *on her laptop* I’m fine if Despair is.

Despair: I’m fine with it.

Itch and TAS: *nod to each other and release Rotom and Kitty*

Prulienne: *digs through her pockets for her Pokeballs and releases Sylvia*

Vampi: *carries the snacks on a tray in one hand while releasing Tulippe with the other*

Kimiko: *releasing Shari*

Vampi: Q time! *looks around* Eh, guess that’s everyone. Sakura and Muse will come if you call them, most likely. Ready when y’all are.

Fizzson: Alrighty. Let’s do it.

Despair: Let’s.

Lucian’s Qs:

Ever traveled somewhere, to another country?

Vampi: In this dimension, once, a long time ago. Me, my mom, my dad, Kimiko, and our church’s missions group, we headed to Mexico. Got some souvenirs at a place called Puerto Penasco, went to an aquarium and made friends with a sea lion named Arthur, and that’s really all I can remember.

Kimiko: Heh. I remember going and even I don’t remember what happened.

Vampi: But yeah, other than that one instance I’ve never gone out of the country. I’ll be on my first plane flight IRL come Christmas, though. IRL sister, her husband, and I are headed to see my aunts and uncles up in Chicago.

Fizzson: I’ve never been out of the country, but I’ve left my state a couple times.

Prulienne: Where’d you go?

Fizzson: Went up with my mom, bro, uncle, and grandparents to North Carolina to see the solar eclipse last year. I’d been to Georgia twice before that, once was just a road trip. The other was running from a hurricane.

Kimiko: Oh, yeah, the hurricane. How’d your place hold up?

Fizzson: Completely fine in 2016, missed in 2018, saved by a trampoline in 2017. -_-

Vampi: Wow. I know the place we live at was either near or on the trail of a tornado. Got close to our previous place, but everyone then was with me at my dad’s place 45 minutes away… Natural disasters, huh?

Fizzson: Yeah… Fun.

Despair: Oh dear….

For one, I Think Kimiko won against Smiles.

Kimiko: Finally, someone not living here that’s on my side!

Fizzson: Hey, even if the battle didn’t technically end, you still went blow for blow with Smiley, and that’s really impressive.

Faris: According to my observations, since Arleen interceded, she won the battle. However, if this were to be like an average championship-defending match on WWE, we can assume Smiley was the running champion since he was keeping you, Vampi, and Elyana hostage. Since Arleen interceded, the referee would have called the match and declared Smiley the winner.

Kimiko: Faris, shut up with your observations.

Faris: Affirmative. Shutting up.

Despair: Well, I think you really showed Smiley what for, if only by showing he’s not the strongest creature in the multiverse.

Kimiko: Mmhmm.

Kimiko, Itch, TAS, and Vampi: Never mess with the Steps.

“Vampi”, huh? How’d you get that name, or was it a birth name?

Vampi: Not a birth name, actually. Itch and TAS just noticed that I spend way too much time inside and that I was like a vampire, so they started calling me Vampi. Rest of the family just went with it and eventually, I decided to legally get my name changed.

Fizzson: Huh. I never knew that. That’s interesting.

Vampi: Yep. I’d switch it back but I think Vampi has a good ring to it.

Fizzson: That it does.

Ever committed homicide?

Vampi: Forgot what that is. Faris, definition, please.

Faris: Homicide, noun. The deliberate and unlawful killing of one person by another; murder.

Vampi: Ah, ok. Personally no, unless getting kills in first person shooters counts.

Kimiko: Wish I did. Lup back in Aramoore can go suck on a poisonous lollipop.

Fizzson: I know I haven’t done anything like that.

Despair: ….

Prulienne: Despair, awfully silent there. Not judging, just curious.

Despair: …I did kill someone once… But he deserved every bit of pain my friends and I gave him….

Vampi: Surprised Arisu hasn’t shown up. She’s killed a bunch of demons because of them acting up.

Kimiko: *disappears then reappears* Super heated argument. She can’t get them to compromise, she’s trying her best to though.

Fizzson: Oof. That’s rough.

Dream atmosphere, the absolute perfect place you would love to be in at any given moment?

Vampi: In a room, with every member of the main 6 with me, playing video games with no interruptions.

Itch: Alone… I don’t have to be able to read minds to tell you TAS just wants memes.

Prulienne: With Vampi helping me out in the Metaverse.

Fizzson: That’s a tough one… I guess at home, chatting with friends, either online, or directly.

Despair: Sitting in a comfy quiet spot, cuddling with Fizz.

Vampi: Heh. I’ve got happy chills down my spine now.

Favorite fruit?

Vampi: Not really a big fan of fruit. I am addicted to apple juice, though.

Fizzson: I love bananas and mangos, but I’ll eat apples too when I’m in the mood for them.

Despair: I think peaches are pretty tasty.

Kimiko: …yeah, the thought I just had that’s related to Japanese culture but not safe for the ATG aside, I don’t mind a banana every now and then.

If you had an extra pair of arms, what would be your main use for the extra, aside from multitasking?

Vampi: I’ll make this setup, two computers right beside each other but not connected except by LAN. I’ll start up a 1v1 on Call of Duty MW2, have myself join on the other computer, and then 1v1 against myself.

Itch: What he said.

TAS: *sign language*

Itch: He said use text to speech with one set of arms and talk in sign language with the other so he can have two conversations at once.

Fizzson: I’d connect two keyboards to the same keyboard, and double my typing speed.

Despair: I don’t know. I guess I’d use them to carry more weight at once.

Your opinion on alcohol is…?

Vampi: Never tried it. I do know that I’m the only one in my house IRL that can reach the liquor cabinet, though.

Fizzson: I don’t drink.

Despair: I’ve been kinda on the fence about trying it, myself.

Kimiko: Some bad stuff happens if you drink too much of it, but like a shot or two every once in a while is fine, I’m pretty sure…

Vampi: You’re pretty sure… Ehh…

trash is beautiful in comparison to…(blank. Fill it out)

Itch: Vampi’s sense of humor.

Vampi: Hey!

Prulienne: The truly evil things that some people tend to do.

Tari: Some of the more cringe-worthy Smash 4 mods. I actually have a bit of fun playing the TR4SH mod.

Despair: Any of the freaks Smiley worked with on Halloween.

Fizzson: Can’t really argue with that.

Vampi, Prulienne, and Itch: Agreed.

If I could breathe fire, I would so throw a BBQ. what would you do first?

Vampi: Technically Pyrope can breathe fire. He shoots it from his hands though. I have my fire magic, so whatever.

Fizzson: Hmm… Not entirely sure. There’s tons of stuff I could do with it, but nothing I could think to do as soon as I got it.

Despair: I don’t know if I’d want to use it. Fire’s kinda dangerous….

Pyrope: *snaps, creating a small candle-like flame and tossing it around* Not all the time.

Despair: You don’t live in a run-down wooden house that’s barely held together as is….

Kimiko: Well, if you ever need remodeling, I can maybe help out…

Vampi and Kimiko: Maybe…

AAaF’s Qs

Arleen to Faris: I’m 19, gonna be 20 in December. Coulda sworn I said that somewhere though….

Faris: Adding that to the databases. Please excuse me for not mentioning that, I had not known.

Fizzson: Eh, I think it was mentioned waaay back in an earlier AAaF, before Seth got booted to the side, so I think not knowing would be understandable.

TAS: *via soundboard* understandable have a good day

Itch: *rolling his eyes*

Fizzson to Rotom: Can you hold data on anything besides Pokemon?

Rotom: Sure! I’ve got tons of data on the ATG’s daily routines.

Fizzson: Huh. Not the random data I was expecting you to have, but neat.

Rotom: I also have data on who won the 2018 Overwatch World Cup.

Prulienne: Who won?

Rotom: The winner of the grand final gold medal match was South Korea.

Kimiko: Called it.

Fizzson: Honestly, not sure what else I expected.

Arleen to all: Favorite shiny Pokemon?

Vampi: Shiny Koffing. First shiny Chuggaaconroy ever came across.

Kimiko: Shiny Mew? I dunno.

Fizzson: Shiny Maractus. For as forgettable of a Pokemon as it is, it’s shiny actually looks really good.

Despair: Shiny mega Gengar looks pretty cool. Not the rest of the line’s shinies, though.

Prulienne: *looking up shiny Pokemon sprites on her laptop* Hmm… The shiny Meloettas are cool.

Itch: *looking over Prulienne’s shoulder* Shiny Greninja. *looks over his shoulder at TAS signing* TAS says Shiny Solgaleo.

Fizzson: Huh. Nice.

Despair to Shari: Does your dream mist affect yourself or just those around you?

Shari: It can affect others as well… I just don’t use it all too often…

Despair: Well, that’s pretty cool.

Shari: Yeah, you could say so…

Despair to all: What’s the worst nightmare you can remember?

Kimiko: I’ll speak for Arisu when I say she has no nightmares. Everything’s a dream to her. As for myself, not having my fourth wall abilities.

Fizzson: I’m honestly not sure, myself. I don’t get nightmares very often, and the ones I do get I don’t remember very well.

Despair: Sometimes I get nightmares reliving my death. Those are probably the worst for me.

Vampi: Wow… I’m trying to think of mine… Right. I had a nightmare that I was at a GameStop trying to get Smash Ultimate as it released, and an employee said they had one in the back and they led me to it. We went into this gigantic warehouse and I blacked out, and when I woke up in the dream, I was greeted to the opening scene of Skyrim, which is your character preparing to get executed. I got out of the dream by Prulienne waking me up.

Prulienne: Yeah. He was sweating profusely.

Fizzson: Jeez. That sounds terrible.

Itch: *translating* TAS says he gets a nightmare once every month about him in a room with no memes whatsoever. I don’t really do nightmares. Usually my dreams are me just sitting in a room watching old memories and graning at how stupid Vampi used to be.

Vampi: In all honesty… agreed.

Arleen to Ambrosia: Seeing as you’re a vampire, are you weak to sunlight?

Kimiko: *teleports around the house* Nope. She must be with Arisu. I’m pretty sure someone asked her off of ATG, and if I remember correctly, Arisu gave her the ability to survive in sunlight. I did give her an outfit with a hood that I thought looked good on her, and she hasn’t gone outside of the house without it since.

Fizzson: Makes sense to me.

Kimiko: Yeah, I guess to me as well.

Fizzson to Tari: What’s the most difficult game you’ve ever beaten?

Tari: Probably E.T. for the Atari. One of the hardest games ever, if I remember correctly.

Fizzson: Dang, you actually got to play that? I heard a good bit of the copies made for that game were buried in the desert.

Tari: Yep. I have an emulator of it on my computer somewhere.

Fizzson: Ah, okay. That makes more sense.

Arleen to all: Favorite Youtubers?

Vampi: Chuggaaconroy. He’s what introduced me to YouTube.

Despair: Same here, honestly.

Kimiko: Tie between RaccoonEggs and CallMeCarson.

Fizzson: Probably Stephenplays. He’s just a fun youtuber that makes what he enjoys instead of riding on trends like some of the more popular Youtubers.

Vampi: Nice. Him and Stephen are good friends. According to stuff I read online, they’ve been friends since they were 14, and if you watch his vlog channel, for the days during the hurricane in his area he stayed at Chugga’s house.

Fizzson: Yeah. Chugga’s such a generous man sometimes.

Vampi: Indeed. Love the dude.

Itch: I tend to take a liking to Game Theory. Me, Vampi, and Pruli watch it all the time.

Fizzson: They’re pretty cool.

Arleen to the Pokemon: Are you guys still able to use your moves now that you’re humans?

Tulippe: Yep. Vampi, what’s my moveset again?

Vampi: Rotom.

Rotom: Right. Tulippe’s moveset is: Magical Leaf, Future Sight, Hypnosis, and Draining Kiss.

Vampi: Draining Kiss… Not going to think about it.

Fizzson: Huh. It’s pretty neat that she can still use her moves, even when she’s not technically a Pokemon anymore.

Kimiko: Indeed. Speaking of which, Tari, where’s Mimi?

Tari: Mimi? Oh, right. I let her stay upstairs. Remembered all the other pokemon are scared of her.

Fizzson: Ah, right.

Fizzson to all: So… Detective Pikachu Movie is apparently a thing. Thoughts?

TAS: *thumbs up*

Fizzson: I figured you’d think as much with how many memes have spawned from it already.

TAS: *nods*

Vampi: Personally kinda hype for it. I’m pretty sure it’s a joke that Detective Pikachu should’ve been voiced by Danny DeVito, and I would’ve loved to see that happen.

Fizzson: That would’ve been cool, but the fact Deadpool’s voice actor will be doing the voice for Detective Pikachu is still really funny.

Itch: Eh, I don’t really care who voices Detective Pikachu. I think the movie’s going to be good.

Fizzson: Same here. The Pokemon look so good, it’s really impressive.

Despair: Fizz showed me the trailer, and I’m really looking forward to seeing it when I can.

Fizzson to TAS: Why do Mr. Mime’s shoulders look like dodgeballs?

TAS: *acts like he’s taking a picture*

Itch: *rolls his eyes, pulling one up on his phone*

TAS: *takes a closer look at it, then nods*

Vampi: Guess that’s your answer.

Fizzson: I’d expect nothing different.

Fizzson to all again: We got Smiley handled, but keep an eye out for the rest of the Halloween rogues gallery. I don’t trust them to not try something at some point.

Kimiko: Got it. I’m always ready for battle.

Vampi: Itch installed supernatural occurrence sensors around the house and outside. If Shaydas or Karma come, we’re prepared.

Fizzson: What about Aether?

Vampi: Aether? Who the hell’s that?

Despair: The demon that faked being me to lure Fizz into a trap? He was at AAaF #33, then slunked away before the battle started.

Faris: Checking, ‘cause I’m not entirely sure you’re right… I can confirm Aether was there during all that.

Vampi: Huh. I don’t remember an Aether. Whatevs. We’re prepared for Aether as well.

Kimiko: *snickers* Aether Foundation.

Vampi: Heh, nice.

E to all:

What makes you facepalm the hardest?

Fizzson: *Looking over the Qs* Huh… Despair and I already answered most of these last week, so I think we’re just gonna excuse ourselves for a bit.

Itch: No worries. As for me, when people can’t follow the simplest of tasks.

Vampi: Drivers in College Station where my IRL sister lives. Jesus Christ, they do not know how to drive.

TAS: *pulls up the facepalm through the head meme*

Kimiko: Nothing for me really. Haven’t found anything yet.

How fast can you read?

Vampi: I’ve actually read the first Harry Potter book in 30 minutes. In its entirety.

Kimiko: Same book in 15.

Itch: Same book in 45.

TAS: *on whiteboard* ben on inturwebbos so much i sodacan reed n ntire page on 4chan.

BTS anyone?

Vampi: Not a fan. I’ve heard one of their tracks when it was mixed with this one song created by a K-Pop duo and an American duo, all four being girls. And Jesus hella Christ I really want to invite one of the characters in that video to this series but I’m not going to.

Kimiko: I speak for the rest of us when I say we have no idea what BTS is.

Vampi: K-pop. Korean pop music.

Kimiko: You lost me.

Vampi: Exactly.

Prulienne: I dunno. Sounds interesting to me.

Vampi: TWICE is better.

Prulienne: I’ll take your word for it.

Would you hug a tiger if you could?

Vampi: Tiger no, cheetah yes.

Kimiko: I’m more of a lion person.

Any tips for a gal who’s allergic to bandaids and Neapsoran?

Vampi: HOW THE HELL ARE YOU ALLERGIC TO BANDAIDS?.. whatever. Try putting some rubbing alcohol on a would, yes it will sting but it helps, then follow up with either gauze or a cotton ball. That should work. If you need it to stay while you do things then just use a piece of tape, I guess.

Kimiko: I’m not a doctor. But I think that’s right.

Howl’s Moving Castle?

Vampi: Never heard of it. None of us have. Faris, what’s that?

Faris: Looking over it, I can tell the only thing that will interest you it that the film was made by Hayao Miyaza-

Vampi and Prulienne: I’M IN.

Any tips for a gal who’s just about allergic to everything?!

Itch: Nope. Got nothing.

What’s the farthest you’ve gotten on Bloons Tower Defense 3 on cool math?

Vampi: BTD3, no. BTD5, I’ve beaten the starter map on Medium and 3 Times Around on Hard. I’ve also beaten the first level and the aquatic level on BTD Adventure Time.

Did you know Orange Peel juice is flammable?

Vampi: Good to know.

Pink Fluffy Unicorns dancing on rainbows.

TAS: *groans silently*

Vampi: Don’t. TAS has a bad experience with it. Regards him listening to music with my phone not realizing my little cousin got on it behind our backs and bought that song without us knowing. A full dollar to waste.

Favorite meme?

Vampi: Bowsette? I dunno, whichever meme’s the most popular right now.

TAS: *sign language*

Itch: TAS says Airhorn Quest by Cyranek. Mine’s Everyone’s Circulation by TMABird.

Prulienne: Probably You Reposted In The BIG Neighborhood by Guru Ant.

Geez, do I get kidnapped a lot or what…

Vampi: Not as much as I used to… and… still kinda do.

Kimiko: You’re back from being kidnapped by Smiley.

Vampi: Case in point.

Favorite ship? 😏

Fizzson: And here’s the one Despair and I haven’t answered yet.

Vampi: *as he’s ending that sentence* THE TITANIC.

Itch: Wrong ship.

Vampi: Oh, right.

Fizzson: Honestly? The one between Lucian and Arleen is pretty cute.

Despair: There’s so many good ones, I’m not sure I could really decide.

Vampi: The one between Prulienne and myself is one I can’t help but admire. *puts his arm around Prulienne*

Prulienne: *smiles and does the same as she keeps looking at her laptop*

Kimiko: *snickers loudly* Vampi’s Skullcandy wireless headphones x all his mobile devices.

Itch: The Undertale fandom x Deltarune. I think that rounds it up for everyo-

Sakura: *from upstairs* Has anyone said Vampi x Prulienne?

Kimiko: Vampi did, Sakura.

Sakura: Cool. I’m going with E x Harvey again.

Kimiko: Got it… Guess now we’re finished.

Vampi: Well, I guess I’ll let you two do the honors of the end card.

Fizzson: Alright. Send Qs to Vampi, Itch, TAS, Kimiko, Prulienne, Futaba, Arisu, Quintessa, Ambrosia, Sakura, Muse, Bella, Junko, Faris, Zoe, Atlantica, Pyrope, Lapis, Tari, Tulippe, Rotom, Kitty, Shari, Sylvia, Tenka, and Mimi.

Despair: As always, the ATG crew will keep up their usual Antics. *Pauses* Oh, I almost forgot why we originally came here.

Vampi: Right. How’s Arisu and Amber doing?

Kimiko: *disappears and reappears* They’re coming.

*a red and orange portal pops up and Arisu and Ambrosia come out of it*

Arisu: Ugh, geez, those guys are heavy hitters. Thanks for the cover, Amber.

Ambrosia: You’re welcome, Lady Arisu.

Fizzson: Heya. So Despair and I came to bring you and Kimiko to AAaF. After a bit of thinking, we decided to bring the two of you in as mains.

Arisu: Ah, nice. We’ll still make appearances here, though, right?

Kimiko: Probably. Fizz, I wanna check with you to make sure.

Fizzson: Of course. You two are way too important in AtG to make you stop showing up just cause you’re in AAaF.

Kimiko: Right. Guess we’ll pop on over there.

Vampi: I’ll see you two later then.

Arisu: Yup. Amber, if anything happens in the Underworld and I’m not available, I’m putting you in charge.

Ambrosia: I shall take your role with honor, Lady Arisu.

Fizzson: Alright. *Swipes his hand to make his keyboard, typing some keys to make a portal to AAaF appear* Lucian and Arleen are waiting at AAaF, so let’s go.

Kimiko: Right. See you two there. *disappears*

Arisu: *rolls her eyes* Classic Kimiko. *goes through the portal*

Fizzson: Of course. *Holds Despair’s hand* See you guys later.

Despair: Yeah. See you. *Walks through the portal with Fizz, it closing behind them*